creating an icon file (.ico) with photoshop

with this post, i am going to be keeping things pretty simple. i was recently asked why i didn’t have a favicon setup for my blog and website, i figured now is just as good of a time as any to create one. i just wanted something extremely simple. figured just my initials would work for the time being. now that i figured what i actually wanted, i then had to create it. so i loaded up photoshop and made my 16×16 favicon and went to save it and realized that photoshop (at least the version i have, 7.0) does not have .ico file support. a quick google search led me to the web site of Telegraphics. on the site, they have a plugin that works with photoshop to add .ico support. installation was more than simple (just check out the included readme if you really can’t figure it out). all i had to do was use the ‘save as’ function to save it as an .ico file. then i just uploaded my new ‘favicon.ico’ to the root directory of my blog and voila, i now have a favicon. favicon