vmware-view-client 1.4.0 for ubuntu and debian (i386/amd64)

an added dependency for the vmware-view-client package is preventing installation on debian squeeze (stable) for the latest vmware-view-client 1.4.0 pacakge. trying to install that single dependency results in a majority of the gui being upgraded as well and there isn’t a backports package available for it. i’m still working to see if i can get it working but for now (see the edit below), the packages are available for ubuntu and debian wheezy on i386 and amd64. They have been added to the previous post if you would like to give them a try:

*edit: i went ahead and removed the added dependency and it still seems to work. i’m not completely sure what the package ’libgdk-pixbuf2.0-0’ is used for but it doesn’t appear to be an important part of the actual function of the application. i am led to believe it is a part of the gui that has been implemented. i’ve added a test version to the link above so give it a shot.

as always, feel free to post in the comments if you have any issues.