vmware-view-client 1.5.0 for ubuntu and debian (i386/amd64)

a coworker informed me of a new version of the vmware-view-client that was released (version 1.5.0). i went ahead and created a new amd64 deb file and it looks like this time, there are not any dependency issues! download away and let me know if you run into any issues. i have tested on debian 6 (squeeze; amd64) and ubuntu 11.10 (oneiric ocelot; amd64).

vmware-view-client 1.5.0

i386 | amd64

as always, i will try to answer any comments as soon as i can.

*update 7/21 - i found something that i forgot to update when repackaging the 1.5.0 version which caused PCoIP to not work as expected for amd64. i’ve updated it and it’s now fixed so just re-download and re-install and all will be well.

*update 7/25 - in case you are interested in how this is done, i have setup a github repository:


i will be trying to stay up to date with the latest builds as they come along and include some more detailed instructions.