vmware-view-client 1.6.0 for ubuntu, mint and debian (i386/amd64)

it looks like vmware-view-client has a new version available (version 1.6.0). i went forward with creating these but i haven’t had any time to test a whole lot (i’ve only tested with debian squeeze) so if anyone wants to try them out and report back to me, that would be greatly appreciated.

vmware-view-client 1.6.0 (debian squeeze, ubuntu 10.04 and mint 9)

vmware-view-client 1.6.0 (debian sid, ubuntu 12.10 and mint 14)

vmware-view-client 1.6.0 (ubuntu 12.04)

as always, i will try to answer any comments as soon as i can.

everything is up at github: https://github.com/mbentley/vmware-view-client